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Ep 88 - The 2017 Christmas Special - repeat


Another chance to hear our 2017 Christmas Special

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Ep 103 - F*ck Off Back To Man Utd You Mercenary


The pod squad convenes to review November, reflect on Sir Kenny Dalglish, Bill remembers Brockhall and much, much more. Join us & see if you can Guess The Rover before the panel & one of the panel, not that one.

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Ep 102 - Revisionist Rovers - The Souness Years


In this special episode, regular podcast panellist Michael Taylor ( @marpleleaf ) reassesses the impact and the powers of Graeme Souness. Promotion, cup win but THAT tackle on Yorke and those transfers...

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Ep 101 - After The Lord Mayor's Show


After the behind the scenes at Brockhall episode, the pod reverts to normal service with a review of on-field October, discussions of tactics, formations, attendances, handling disappointment and play off memories from the 80's & final redemption in 1992.

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