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Ep 90 - Yes, one of us WAS in the pub actually


The pod squad reconvenes to digest Dryanuary, an FA Cup exit, Dean Henderson, Harry Chapman's contract and much much more. One of the panelists was in the pub - no names, no pack drill !

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Ep 89 - Happy New Year ?


The pod squad records in the car on the way to Rotherham and three Roverseas fans tell their story

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I Don't Like That - the Christmas Special


The podders reveal their secret football, Rovers and Christmas memories. One of them sings, one forgets key facts, all reminisce for your amusement.

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Ep 87 - You’re more than welcome to crash at our place...


The podders continue their mission to build up a network of Rovers fans willing to offer cheap holidays by interviewing the NYC supporters club.

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Ep 86 - Houses in Croatia are quite small


The pod reconvenes to discuss the state of housing stock in Croatia & the impact that has on the supply of holiday accommodation in Zagreb. There's also a bit of football chat and a mix of optimism & pessimism !

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Ep 85 - Illegal Rooster Fighting Syndicate


The pod squad catch up on events both on & off the field at Ewood Park over recent weeks & speculate as to the prospect of 9 points from the next 3 games...oh yeah, roosters...listen to the end !

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Episode 84 - "Once a Blue..." - the Alan Myers Special


A special edition podcast featuring former Blackburn Rovers director of communications Alan Myers who reflects upon his time at Blackburn Rovers in conversation with Ian Herbert

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Ep83 I Read The News Today, Oh Boy !


The panel reconvenes to dissect the victories over Bradford, MK Dons & Stoke & oh yeah, "That other game". We learn about 4000 Holes return & celebrate the joy of being a grumpy 50 something struggling with modern football.

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On The March With Howard's Army - Part 4


In this final episode, we find out whether Howard Kendall can conjure up a miracle and return Blackburn Rovers to the 1st Division last seen 14 years earlier. *Spoiler*...close but no cigar, thanks PNE

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Ep 82b State of the Nation Special


It's not been the best of starts to the season for Blackburn Rovers & our podcast panel dissects the reasons & tries desperately to offer some hope.

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