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Ep 98 - Complete & Utter...Shenanigans


In a packed episode, the panel reviews August, on & off the field, speculates wildly about he value of Bradley Dack & we have three (count 'em) guests providing content taking us from Canada to Llandudno via Liverpool & Cherry Tree. Tell your friends !

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Ep 97 - My Barber Rates Jacob Davenport


A cast of thousands all wanting to have their say & predict the Rovers likely finishing position upon our return to the Championship. Listen right to the end as the last 2 guests have their own section.

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Ep 96 - Revisionist Rovers - Furphy's Ewood Odyssey


A look back at the impact and legacy of Ken Furphy upon Blackburn Rovers, through the pen of Jim Wilkinson

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The Grand End of Season Collaboration Pod - Part 2


In this two-parter; reps from paper, fan site, fanzine, forum & blog pool resources to review the season. Enjoy the thoughts of Mike Delap, Tom Schofield, Rich Sharpe, Scott Sumner & Michael Taylor all loosely supervised by host Ian Herbert.

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