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Ep 124 - Rovers Trust - what's the latest ?


Ian Herbert chats with John Murray from the Rovers Trust to learn more about the recent marketing prospectus and the memorandum of understanding that is in the pipeline.

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Ep 123 - Happy New Year & Get Well Soon Brad !


In a packed episode we hear from Bryan in Iraq, Bill in Canada plus Scott, new contributor Mark and the trusty Marple Leaf himself, Michael with a varied menu of items for your pleasure.

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Ep 122 - Jim Smith - The Bald Eagle


A special tribute to former Rovers manager Jim Smith who sadly passed away earlier this week. Written by Jim Wilkinson, narrated by Ian Herbert.

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Ep 121 - Glory or Heartache...nothing in between - John Nicholson


BRFCS catches up once more with John Nicholson who has a new book out "Can We Have Our Football Back ?" which lays low myths about football behind the paywalls and the corrosive effect of money on the game & what we the fans can do about it.

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