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Ep 88 - The 2017 Christmas Special - repeat


Another chance to hear our 2017 Christmas Special
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Ep 103 - F*ck Off Back To Man Utd You Mercenary


The pod squad convenes to review November, reflect on Sir Kenny Dalglish, Bill remembers Brockhall and much, much more. Join us & see if you can Guess The Rover before the panel & one of the panel, not that one.
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Ep 102 - Revisionist Rovers - The Souness Years


In this special episode, regular podcast panellist Michael Taylor ( @marpleleaf ) reassesses the impact and the powers of Graeme Souness. Promotion, cup win but THAT tackle on Yorke and those transfers...
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Ep 101 - After The Lord Mayor's Show


After the behind the scenes at Brockhall episode, the pod reverts to normal service with a review of on-field October, discussions of tactics, formations, attendances, handling disappointment and play off memories from the 80's & final redemption in 1992.
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Ep 100 - The One Where BRFCS Goes To Brockhall


In this historic 100th episode, BRFCS is invited through the hallowed portals of the Rovers Senior Training Centre at Brockhall. We share what we can in this landmark podcast. Big thanks to Ryan Grant & all at BRFC of course for helping us.
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Ep 99 - Chris Samba's Back Garden


The BRFCS pod squad reviews September...yeah we know it hasn't ended yet...and reflect on a few whimsical notions that result in conversations about Mottram Hall Hotel, Border Terriers, Bradley Dack on a night out and so much more.
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Ep 98 - Complete & Utter...Shenanigans


In a packed episode, the panel reviews August, on & off the field, speculates wildly about he value of Bradley Dack & we have three (count 'em) guests providing content taking us from Canada to Llandudno via Liverpool & Cherry Tree. Tell your friends !
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Ep 97 - My Barber Rates Jacob Davenport


A cast of thousands all wanting to have their say & predict the Rovers likely finishing position upon our return to the Championship. Listen right to the end as the last 2 guests have their own section.
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Ep 96 - Revisionist Rovers - Furphy's Ewood Odyssey


A look back at the impact and legacy of Ken Furphy upon Blackburn Rovers, through the pen of Jim Wilkinson
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The Grand End of Season Collaboration Pod - Part 2


In this two-parter; reps from paper, fan site, fanzine, forum & blog pool resources to review the season. Enjoy the thoughts of Mike Delap, Tom Schofield, Rich Sharpe, Scott Sumner & Michael Taylor all loosely supervised by host Ian Herbert.
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